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Brooke Burns was born in Dallas; but at age sixteen, she and her family moved to Europe, where she later lived in Paris, Milan, and Berlin. Brooke starred in Baywatch as the character Jessie Owens. Brooke also appeared on Ally McBeal, Just Shoot Me!, Drop Dead Diva, CSI: Miami, Out of the Blue, To Tell the Truth, and Average Joe: Hawaii. She hosted Dog Eat Dog and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

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Brooke Burns was once married to Australian actor Julian McMahon (star of Nip/Tuck) and the two have a daughter – Madison Elizabeth McMahon. She says: “I’m the queen of one-percent chances. I slept with my ex-husband only once without protection, and that’s when I got pregnant.”  Brooke was also once engaged to Bruce Willis for a couple of years. Burns currently resides in Los Angeles.

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